Bourne Bridge

The Bourne Bridge was constructed in 1933, and it opened to motorist on June 22, 1935. The bridge won the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Class “A” Award of Merit as the “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in 1934. It spans 2,384 feet in length, 616 feet wide in the center, and is 274 feet at its highest point.

Red Rock Park

Red Rock Park is part of the Lynn Shore Reservation, a protected coastal reservation in the city of Lynn, Massachusetts.


South Natick Dam Park

“The park was established in 1933 on the site of a former grist mill that had served South Natick since colonial times. The millstones embedded in the paved area come from that mill.

The park is adjacent to the Charles River’s dam and is a popular spot for visitors, both human and animal. The island in the middle of the river is named for Horace Holyoke, one of the characters from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Old Town Folks;” the character is based on her husband, South Natick native Calvin Stowe.” via the Natick Town Website


Deer Island, Winthrop MA

What is Deer Island, and why is it called that?

Deer Island is a peninsula off of Winthrop Massachusetts that sits in Boston Harbor, and since 1996 it’s been part of the Boston Harbor Island National Recreation Area. The island, now technically a peninsula, was named Deer Island because deer often swam over from the mainland when chased by the wolves from Boston Neck. It has a rich complex history and is currently used for a water treatment plant and recreation area.